Monday, February 8, 2010

It's OK to...

At the gym today I was reading a June 2008 Glamour Magazine. I am not sure what that reflects more poorly on, the fact that my gym that still has 2008 magazines or the fact that I chose a 2008 Glamour instead of the most recent National Geographic Mag. Admittingly, after forgetting my Ipod, I would have read a copy of New England Journal of Medicine if that was all there was, ANYTHING to take my mind off both the monotony and the pain of walking "uphill" on that damn treadmill.

So in this issue, they had a page dedicated to things it's OK to do without feeling guilty. So to keep my mind off the task at hand (or as I like to call it, project ass shrink) I came up with a list of my own.

Like I think it's OK to...

...when someone compliments your shirt, tell them the price and that it came from Target.

...order both a beer and a carafe of Saki at dinner, I know two drinks at once, pretty empowering, but those Saki bombs aren't going to make themselves.

...wear blue eyeliner or blue mascara or both.

...tell someone your dress is "vintage" even if its not and you purchased it from TJ Maxx last week.

...say "shit" in front of your kids. You wouldn't say it unless you meant it.

...leave the last sip of beer in your glass, we're not in college anymore, no need to chug.

...weep while watching Extreme Home Makeover or that damn commercial with Sarah McLaughlin and the ASPCA.

...tip 15% instead of 20%.

...change you hair color.

...use the word "shart" in a sentence. Like, I shart while in yoga class.

...avoid the airplane rows that have babies in them. Been there done that.

...go to the beach and NOT get into the ocean.

...think that Zac Efron is hot, even though he could be your son.

...sing out loud with air guitar.

...order the house wine.

...defriend people on FaceBook and in real life.

...spend more money on a pair of sunglasses than on your kids clothes.

...carry a purse that's bigger than your head. (That one is for hubby.) In your face.

...take pictures of everything and everyone.

and's OK to...order fries with everything.


The girl with the flour in her hair said...

Zac Efron is hot. I can't help it. He is. And that's ok.

And the more I learn about people on facebook, the less I like some of them. I've lost all respect for my accountant, who plays farmville 24 hours a day. No wonder she can't return my calls. Her chickens need to be fed.

I liked this list! I might steal the idea and make it my own... :)

GregoryJ said...

I like to agree with you, at least on the non gender specific items.
I would not wear blue eye liner, not with my eyes.
The last dress I bought was at Goodwill. there's a video on myblog showing it off. and my eye liner was peach.
no kids
don't drink
can't watch it. I know i would cry.
can't watch that either.
I do 20%
why bother
new word for me, I'll have to remember that one. could have used it this am.
in my dreams
don't drink
done that
no way, strictly cheapo
Only when my wife is trying something on.
just the dogs.
affirmative to the fries.

thanks that was fun.