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What I am Thinking...

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What I am Drinking...

You're Not Eating Bon-Bons Again...?

What to do, what to do? As I await the impending typhoon, I seem to have some time to kill. Hills and valleys man, hills and valleys. So don't judge, it is not like I am walled up in my castle eating bon-bons while my maid-servants work diligently around me, well not this week at least. As I write this as I am consuming may fair share of water as both the washer and the dishwasher are running...so put your pants on the chores are getting done.

But I am left with some idle time, so I can:

1. Drive over to the Grand Mer Hotel and ride the elevator, learn how to say "did you hear that" in Japanese as I travel up and down in-between floors.

2. Stand on the intersection of five corners and make the beeping bird sound indicating to others that it is safe to cross the street.

3. Start chorography for a planned flash mob.

4. Buy a shit-ton of legos and make a life-size C3-PO

5. Create a profile for Christian Grey in FaceBook and have him stalk me.

6. Purchase a piano online and have it shipped.

7. Create a new alphabet.

8. Hide in the dressing rooms at the closest store and record people having conversations with their selves. You know you do this.

9. Make a video of my "Aha" moment and send it to Oprah.

10. Purchase all of the equipment to start my own haberdashery.

11. Speak in Shakespeare sonnets for 24 hours.

12. Make enough food to fill a bakery: beautiful cupcakes, scrumptious cookies, giant cakes, fluffy breads...take pictures of it then throw it all away (well except the cupcakes)

13. Eat all white food for one whole day. Or all green.

14. Purchase the deal of the day on HSN, no.. matter.. what.. it.. is.

15. Pick a fight with someone at the Post Office.

Seriously Why Can't I?