Thursday, March 15, 2012

A Japanese Pen Pal

It was my goal when I moved to Japan to not only meet but interact and maybe even become pen pals after I am gone with some local Okinawans.

I always regretted that with the exception of a couple of pub owners who knew me by "The girl that orders Snakebites" I never really MET any Brits while being stationed in England for three years. It was time to make some repercussions...this assignment I was going to do it right. So armed with some YEN and a map I joined the Okinawa Women's Club in September.

Fast forward a couple of months, and I am having one of those "holy shit" moments. Friday afternoon, I look around MY house, I am surrounded by 15 Japanese women aged 25-65 yrs. (speaking little English) all crammed in my dining room dancing to a Zumba video while Beto (founder of Zumba) grinds and shakes what his mama gave him for all to see and offend. They laugh I blush, they drink coffee from my Keurig finding it fascinating and give great bear hugs when the day is over.

Now if I can only learn how to write in Japanese.

Seriously, Why Can't I?

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