Saturday, August 27, 2011

Ode to a Banana Boat

Side by side two yellow floats travel as one,
Under a dark black cloud that blocks out the sun.
Sideways rain drops pelt and and sting my face
As the Jackhole boat driver continues to race,

Back and forth, left and right he crashes through the tide.
While 40 ft back, I start to dislike this mother fu**ing ride.
I am now holding on for dear life, shit I can't feel my toes,
This damn fruit float is deceiving, my anxiety grows.

Does he really want us off, "yeah you, dickhead" is that the name of this game?
Because if I knew that before I would have stayed on the shore in the rain.
Instead now, my arms are like jelly, my knees feeling forty
I have two cuts on my legs, hey jackball, not feeling so sporty.

In fact come to think of it I can't feel anything anymore,
Only resentment and regret... get me the hell ashore!!!
And if you don't soon, once I get back the feeling in my legs I swear
I will fly from this yellow death trap, and high kick you straight in the pair.


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