Thursday, November 19, 2009

Writer's Workshop...A Page from My Diary

What a adorable late last night I stumbled over to Mama's Losing It , as that is about the time of night that I finally take a lap around the "blog block". And I was so glad to see her weekly writing prompt:

4.)Share a diary entry from when you were 13...feel free to make one up!

I say this is a coincidence because my girls just unearthed my 6th grade diary a couple of weeks ago. I was just twelve but who's counting. I still have no idea how they found it because when you move as often as we do, the chances of finding anything outside our standard fifty boxes is like finding a cavity in the molar of Jane, the Tyrannosaurs Rex. So imagine my surprise when they found my diary from 1983, the only diary I think I ever kept, a rare fossil to be sure. I should send them down again to the bowels of the basement to find my pasta maker, circa 1996.

On a side note, I can't tell you how relieved I was that they found that box, because if they would have found any of the boxes from the late eighties/early nineties...Lucy would have some serious splaining to do if you catch my "middrift". "Mommy why did you have a beer in your hand and your were only in high school?" No honey, that's not beer it's Busch Light soda...

For your enjoyment or misery...

January 1,1983 (as you can see it was a Christmas Gift)
Hi, this is Tara your owner, don't worry about me I've had a diary before I know how to use you. I am praying to keep you up to date, let's make this a great 365 days. Love ya!

January 2, 1983
Hi, Today nothing happened except bro caught a turtle. Nana and Pop-Pop left (all they do is watch TV). Well nothing else to say. Love ya!

January 3,1983
Today we started school, I didn't dress out for PE and man did I have a hard time climbing up those bleachers. By the way, I totally love John W, he kinda likes me, I think, I hope. Gotta go. Love ya!

January 4,1983
Today was fun, first John was nice to me and talked to me a lot. He started eyeing me and I pretended that I didn't see him. We danced in P.E. today, I am glad I dressed out because Doug R was also really nice to me. I think I like him too.

January 5, 1983
Guess who I am going with, Doug R. When he asked me Carson was like, "you are making a big mistake" and she keeps saying that. I think she is jealous.

January 6,1983
Today nothing really happened, oh except Jay was going to ask Shelley to dance in P.E. but I bet if I broke up with Doug, Jay would ask me out. Doug won't talk to me anyway, he is my stinkin dance partner and my boyfriend, can you believe it?

January 7,1983
Today I made the biggest mistake of my life. I broke up with Doug (that was so stupid). I only did it because he wouldn't talk to me. I like him more than anyone in the world. So now who am I going to dance with? Oh, and to make it worse Doug asked Sasha out. But she is using him. I am going to tell him and break them up. I love him very much. Love ya!

Jan 8,1983
Nothing happened today except I am PISSED OFF!!!!I want to go with Doug so bad it is pitiful. I am going to break them up. I can't wait.

January 9,1983
I HATE DOUG NOW, he's a jerk.

And that was it... only nine days. The last entry in the diary. We can catch a glimpse here of my issues with follow through. In retrospect, maybe stopping at day nine was a good thing. After a week like that...reading an entire year would be exhausting.


thatgirlblogs said...

I loved what you wrote when you got it, "I know how to use you."

LOL following you. Cool blog, mama.

Daffy said...

Awesome! I really do wish I had held on to some of my diaries. I was notorious for starting them but never filling them up. I guess I kinda have a thing for journals....

Great read! LOL I hate DOUG too! Only its a different Doug I'm sure

Life Laugh Latte said...

I'm in denial. My daughter is in 6th grade. I remember the drama, just so want to believe that isn't happening to her. I'm sure it is. Sad she is so quiet about it all too. When I ask her anything she gives me that "not talking" look. I used to tell my mom a lot. She's a great girl...I know she'll muddle thru like I did. Holly:)

lovenotestoself said...

Oh God I love these posts!! I'm so glad you included an actual picture too!

I did one from my high school diary a couple of weeks ago. Why do girls even like teenage boys? They totally suck.

Glad I have a new blog to read!!

The girl with the flour in her hair said...

So funny. I can't believe how alike all 12/13 year olds were/are. It's crazy. If we only knew then what we know now, life would've been so different!

Jill said...

Here via Mama's Losin' It...

Thanks for sharing your entries... I love it! Most of my diary entries started with "nothing happened today" too... and of course nothing happened, we were 13! What's going to happen? We go to school, we eat a snack, we go to bed. Such is the life of a teen...