Thursday, February 4, 2010

Did they really say that?

I carry a Palm Pre, not that it matters what kind of phone I have, because although I have a Pre, like my brain I only use about 30% of it's capabilities. One of my favorite functions is the notes tab. I have to imagine there is a simple way to record these notes, but for now you can find me in an instant dropping everything to type into my stupid phone whenever my kids have something funny to say. This could be in a supermarket, on the Vegas strip or on the side of the highway in the minivan (because of course I would NOT be typing while driving, wink). And I can't tell you how many times Hubby has rolled his eyes at the dinner table because I have to get up to type something into my phone or reached into my purse while knee deep in ravoli at a restaurant to get something down verbatim. I blame it on a-a-a-a- alcohol, the a-a-a-alcohol. I have a very short term memory, what can I say? But if someone knows of a voice recorder on the Pre, let me know how to find it.

That being said, originally I started this blog to record our everyday lives with the goal of one day placing this information into a book to give to the girls. I now realize my plan may have some flaws, because instead of presenting the girls with adorable scrapbooks of their lives from Birth to High School, they will instead each be given: a scrapbook til about age 5 for Mac and 3 for Cheese, a stack of CDs with random photos from ages 4 to 17 with sharpe labels and a copy of the entries of this blog, single spaced, coffee stained and stapled.

So to make sure there are a couple of pages dedicated my wonderful smart is another installment of out of the mouths of babes.

Mac- A boy in my class said that Haiti would probably get more donations if it was called Lovey. After emptying out her piggy bank to donate her $6.43.

While walking down the Vegas strip, for what seemed like forever, Hubby was on the hunt for a Mojito. He kept saying, they have to have a Mojito stand somewhere, this is Vegas for goodness sake. Cheese looks up and says "is Mojito French for a taxi, because I could use a taxi about now."

And again standing on the strip waiting to cross the street, Cheese looking down at all the girlie cards and looks up very confused to say, "why are those two girls touching tongues?" I never wished more that I had 10 feet, one to place over every smutty pictures there in the street.

In the car, Mac says, "OK Cheese pick a city."
Cheese, "United States of America"
Mac, "No smaller, a city"
Cheese, "OK, U.S."


Uptown Girl said...

#1- your kids are HILARIO!


#2- I keep lots of notes on my phone. Literally on my phone- post-its or pieces of paper that I tape to the back of the phone. I'm so technologically advanced.

The girl with the flour in her hair said...

"OK, U.S" That cracked me up!

I thought I'd turn my blog into a books as well. But I'm not sure that's such a good idea anymore...

Daffy said...

Out of the mouth of babes is my favorite post topic ever. I love them! Every single one of them!

Hubs works at a k-8 school and the stuff he comes home with has me rolling! I've asked him many times to write them down so that some day we could put a book together. The younger kids are SO much funnier than any of the Convos From the Hood that I put together.

Ok U.S.....LOVE IT!

GregoryJ said...

You deserve much happiness for rescuing your daughter's friend out of a toilet. Come to my blog and get it.
living my life, whatever