Tuesday, June 9, 2009

"Few sinners are saved after twenty minutes of a sermon"...Mark Twain

Door bell rings. I run to answer it with wet hair from the pool, no bra under my FSU t-shirt with a handful of Tostitos and 6 kids in the backyard playing/screaming. A nice looking couple is on my porch with a Bible in their hand and spiritual enlightenment in their eyes. "Hi we are from VBS and we had Mac in our class last week." Uh, huh was all I could mutter with my mouth full of chips as I realized that this was more a meet and greet and not a drop off. "Did Mac tell you that she made a big decision last week? She made a vow to bring Jesus into her life as her saviour and creator." Oohhhh, that is what she was talking about last week when she blurted out from the backseat, "Hey mom I'm a Christian now." I guess I should have done some probing.
So here we were on my front patio. Completely clueless and a little taken off guard, the good looking man sensing my shock, asks if I had any questions for him as he was here on my front porch to support Mac's decision and would like to talk more about what it means to bring Jesus into Mac's life and to us as a family. After I brushed the chips off of my shirt and strategically crossed my arms across my chess to cover my nipples I had to pull out the "move card" once again. Kept especially for times like these, the "move card" is especially handy whenever the word commitment comes to play. And as if that wasn't enough, I laid all my cards on the table, also mentioning that hubby was on the road this week traveling to move up one of our cars, I had 6 hungry kids in the backyard, and although I looked like I could use some saving, this was not the time. "Can we pray for you right now then?" Uh, OK. So the three of us bowed our heads on my front porch while the good looking couple prayed for me and the fam and the move and my hubby driving cross country. Although it seemed a little hokey at first, it was nice to know that someone was looking out for us, even if it was the Holy Father himself.

Coincidentally, as I mentioned above about the time I was having the front yard prayer service, hubby was driving on the opposite side of the state on his way cross country to drop off one of our cars. As he pulls up to a stop light and a man in the truck next to him is motioning to get his attention. Curious, hubby rolls down the window and the man is doing the "international sign" for something that men only want women to do...picture a mouth and a moving hand. Disgusted, he can't believe it and immediately rolls his eyes and his window up.

I do not make this stuff up. Seriously, how can I?

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Mama Nut said...

Hehehe. Love your stories!

I had to chuckle about the Christian Door Knockers... LOL. We used to get a lot of JWs. Good for you for being nice to them, though :) Knocking on doors can't be easy to do.