Monday, June 8, 2009

Monday Pep Rally...We are the light...

On Mondays I will start what will be called my Monday Pep Rally. There are a great deal of interesting stories of strong, amazing women before us that paved their way in history, laying the ground work so that we could rise up and become the independent, strong, kick ass women that we are. So I am going to highlight their efforts here, as many were never recognized for their heroism and courage. Sure I admit this is not the New York Times Monday column, the shout out here is quite small with the four people that read this blog, actually three including my mom...but every little bit counts. I mean seriously, why can't I?

The Women at the Lighthouse

In 1857, at age 15, Ida Lewis took over her father's lighthouse when he became ill in Newport, Rhode Island. A year or two later she pulled out four young men out of the water after their boat overturned. And a year later she saved two more soldiers whose boat had capsized in a storm. The public was fascinated with the story of a woman who did not even stop to put on her shoes before jumping into a boat and rowing out into the rough sea to rescue the drowning men. Yet the government waited ten more years to recognize her feats and only after several more dramatic rescues. And finally years later was she named official lighthouse keeper.

So I started to think about this story and how many of us are the lighthouse keepers of our family but like what happened to Ida, we are rarely recognized. As mothers and wives at any given moment we are willing and able to jump into a boat without shoes to "rescue the ones we love". Speaking of no shoes, I do remember taking the girls to Taco Bell for dinner one night only to realize that I was wearing my slippers. I was mortified. Comfort is one thing, but if you are under 80 years old and you can't find time to put on a pair of shoes before you leave the house, then maybe you should have your pizza delivered to your double-wide instead.

Back on topic. For our families, we are the strong, independent, kiss ass women, that keep the lights shining while at times burning the candle at both ends. From making sure our children put on clean underwear (out of the drawer and not from the floor, "no honey those are Monday's panties, smell them") to preparing our kids with the best advice on how to find and keep their place in the world. Number 5 of mom's can never be too overdressed. I taught that one to Mac just last week.

Sure there are times that we feel our own boat capsizing: there are some mornings where I have completed 2 loads of laundry, checked homework, refereed two rounds of boxing and cooked to order 4 eggs "sunny side up with the yolks still runny, but not too runny, no pepper, some salt, but not too much salt and buttered toast" all before 8am without my first cup of coffee, without a thank you. And at times we can all be self-deprecating. Our arms hurt from rowing and we feel like we will never get to those "soldiers" for the waves and the current pulls us other directions. But today take the time to enjoy your strength and your accomplishments and maybe tell a friend about her great accomplishments as well. We could all use some recognition every now and again and on more than just one day of the year. Everyday we should hold our head high as we Windex (for the third time that day) the lighthouse lamp, as we know that we are the official lighthouse keepers, guiding the wary seafarers, of our life, back home to us.

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