Thursday, June 11, 2009

Superfriends, I need you...

What ever happened to the Superfriends, I am in some duress and I need Aquaman to talk to all of his fish friends and swim me out. Actually, I know that answer, they now hold fort on cartoon network, lodged in between Adult Swim and Total Drama Island and come on at 10pm at night, when my kids should be in bed. (which is another topic altogether).

I miss cartoons, and I realized how much I missed them this morning as I sipped my first cup of coffee watching The Worse Animal Nightmares. This morning "as a family" we watched a woman that survived three death rolls by a gigantic crocodile and a man in New Zealand whose kayak was attacked by a shark. I was actually hoping to watch a family hiking in the mountains get mauled by an adult grizzly bear, but it seemed this morning we checked New Zealand and the Amazon off of the list of places to go before we die. And what was worse is that Mac and Cheese thought that these were the actually shots of these horrific episodes, as if a cameraman had been recording the entire bloody disaster while Ms. Dumb Ass Explorer was being death rolled by a 14 foot croc. I admit, an overall parenting score of 4 out of 10 for me this week, does it count we watched it as a family?

It seems this generation of children have skipped over cartoons altogether. Sure Cheese, my youngest may catch PBS every now and again for an episode of Clifford or Curious George, and Mac when she was young did watch some afternoon cartoons and hour here and there. But I find that even though there are at least 5 dedicated channels for children's television, which is about 5 more than we had as kids, this generation seems to lean towards the TV sitcoms and reality television shows. My kids if given the opportunity would not be able to tell the difference between the Geico cavemen and Fred Flinstone. What ever happened to the Jetsons, the Smurfs and Captain Caveman? Saturday mornings even now hold a special place in my childhood. I remember waking up early on a sunny Saturday morning, grabbing a jar of peanut butter and a spoon and traveling to Conjunction Junction. It is sad to me that Saturday mornings are just like any other day. Instead they are spent playing Guitar Hero, watching Animal Planet, and maybe a random episode of Hannah Montana, FOR THE 9th TIME. But I will not give up, like J.T. sung instead of bringing "sexy back" I want to bring the Superfriends back..."I want to hear my favorite phrase once again..."Wonder twin powers activate- form of a bucket of water, form of an eagle", I mean why can't I???

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