Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Moving on up...

Ten things I have learned this week while moving...

As we sit here up to our asses and elbows in boxes, hubby in the backyard trying to keep Mac and Cheese entertained with a hose, a couple of things come to mind.

1. Hubby is right, I really do have shopping issues.

2. Do we really need three different sets of dishes? We haven't used the China since we bought it four years ago, what are we waiting for the return of Jesus?

3. Of all the crap, we only have 3 pieces of "good art" so what do we call the other 48 pictures and portraits, I guess "bad art".

4. If you lift up 4 out of 5 items, you will find a Hobby Lobby or TJ Maxx price sticker on the bottom.

5. I have one brand of every face cream advertised since 2006.

6. Oreos, oreos, oreos

7. Watching HGTV is not a good idea while moving, it becomes very tempting to put your boxes at the curb and start all over.

8. Cats while they are great getting into tight spots (like in between boxes) aren't as great at getting out of them. I realized this, this morning as I circled the neighborhood looking for a lost cat.

9. No matter where you hide your "personal toys", a packer will always find it and be sure to place it at the top of your box, just to show you that they are onto you.

10. After a week of packing I am actually looking forward to living with all of my worldly possessions "in a van down by the river."

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mandyhuckins said...

Sorry girl! Just catching up on your blog - #9 here cracked me up. And, you are right, everytime I move, I wonder, do I really need all this stuff? And, I have to fight the urge to throw it all on the curb and start fresh and clean. But, I don't. I wish I could say that I stop bringing more things into the house, but I don't. Shopping - it is what is going to keep this ecomony rolling! I really miss getting to see you once a month. :-(