Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Quotes from the last week...

While playing Cooking Mama...hey Daddy wanna help me bread this fish, because if you do you can be a real fry cook when you grow up.

You know the coin I threw in the fountain yesterday, I wished for little boobies, not as big as yours.

You know mom, I will never wear sunglasses that big.

From grandpa, after drinking a 12 pack...I have a headache today but I think it is from the sunburn I got two days ago playing golf. Yeah right.

Mommy, I found this egg I am going to put it in my pouch and sit on it and maybe it will grow a new baby chick.

On our way to our friends cabin, Cheese says, "Hey don't they have a wishing well at their house." Yes we said how did you remember that, you haven't seen the house for a year. Cheese says, "I wished last year that I would remember that wishing well."