Sunday, February 12, 2012

They Finally Grow Up...

One minute they are throwing a temper tantrum, body hanging half way out the sliding glass door while you have a house full of friends. Blood slowly drains from her tiny fingers and she grabs her hardest to either side of the door jam, head on the lineolum floor inside and legs kicking and sprawled out on the cement outside, she would much rather play outside than come in for dinner.

A blink of an eye- fast forward 8 years and I am on hands and knees helping her to shave her legs in the shower.

How did this happen??? While it is all to easy to make this about me, and fact that I have a daughter old enough to shave, I am barely a grown-up myself. This IS really about my adolescent child, running full speed towards puberty, legs moving in circles like a Scooby Doo cartoon, body still frozen, horrified look on her face. Unfortunately, the body will catch up to those legs and my sweet little Mac will need me to guide her through this akward, self-loathing, self-centered, bossy, hateful, alien stage of life which starts with shaving her legs and ends somewhere around age 18. Some things I will stand firm on others I will give in to. But I could sure use a SchoolHouse Rock video about now..."Lolly, Lolly, Lolly get your puberty here..."

I am sure things will turn out ok, but if you happen to live in the Okinawa area and you see a woman in a FULL BLOWN TEMPER TANTRUM running about, braless and spilling coffee every, screaming at her 11 year old from across her front yard as her daughter crosses the street on her way to school, please tread lightly.

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