Saturday, February 4, 2012

Out and about...

I took these pictures today at the Nikko Avilia Resort here on the island. Who needs a camera when you have a retro camera app on your smartphone?

This chapel was gorgeous as it sat right on the beach, floor to ceiling windows along the back. I would consider renewing my vows in a church like that.

If you work up a thirst while in the fields, never worry, a vending machine is less than 20 feet away. But to find a trash can, nearly impossible.

Up close and personal with a palm.

I thought the colors here on the beach were beautiful. When the sun is out I will definitely go back.

Cherry blossom season. I could dedicate and entire blog to cherry blossoms, love them.

More cherry blossoms.

Dim Sum anyone?

I loved this Greek Goddess, in a Spanish hotel in Okianwa Japan.

A candid moment with his girls.

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