Wednesday, May 5, 2010

No really...

On the heels of my last post...which I know was completely out there, here was my real week...

Thursday- checked into the Gaylord Opryland Hotel, enjoyed a mojito while reading a book on the "rotating lounge" although at the time I did not notice it was rotating. Not sure how one does not notice they are stepping on to a "rotating bar", maybe it was the excitement of being childless for the weekend. All I know is one minute I was looking over the lobby, the next minute staring at a waterfall. However, fast forward to today, and that bar is 10 feet under water due to the floods in Nashville.

Thursday night- Enjoyed a wonderful steak dinner "ON" the Opryland Stage a few feet away from where Johnny Cash and Patsy Cline were discovered.

Friday- Pulled up in a cab to the Hutton Hotel to see the comedian Sinbad leaving the hotel and getting into his Hummer.

Saturday- Forced to spend the majority of the day in Wild Horse Saloon, due to tornado sirens and warnings.

Saturday night- Last minute took advantage of FREE tickets to Jimmy Buffet, show started at 8pm, I was asked to go at 7:20pm.

Sunday- Evacuated from Nashville due to the floods.

Tuesday- Invited to dinner at a Four Star General's House

Now which story is easier to believe?

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Tropical Mum said...

Jimmy Buffett and Patsy Cline! I was brought up on Patsy and I love the Margaritaville song (reminiscent of my trip to Mazatlan).

I am officially on holiday and I hope I can share some pics of my trip soon.