Monday, April 12, 2010

You never know what you will find...

School photos, taken as a way to document your child's growth progress from one year to another, and most recently to document those subtle changes every four months as they are now taken twice a calendar school year. Like I need any more pictures of my kids, I see them ALL THE TIME.

However, if you are like me after you divide up these pictures for your family (in my case unfairly, as someone always gets the shaft and a 5x7 instead of a 8x10, because the people at Lifetouch don't account for divorce) and we grab our two wallets and one for the frig, the rest are shoved into the kitchen drawer with the left over post-it notes that have lost their "post" and the pens that nobody throws away but ran out of ink in 1999.

Maybe it is because I love take so many pics of the girls that I don't put a lot of care or effort in the storage of the remaining 45 wallet photos and one left over 5x7 that no one wants. In fact, I rarely put these photos into frames and they just stay on the refrigerator for the year until they are replaced with the following year's photo.

But if I did place these in frames and five years from now I wanted to donate those picture frames to GoodWill, I think I would have the sense to take the pictures out first. Unlike this family, I found these at the GoodWill the other day and although I felt like an ass taking pictures of the pictures with my phone I had to share the stupidity...this one to me says, "We love you honey, but we just couldn't bother taking out your 5th grade picture before shoving this frame into a box with Dad's old boxing gloves, Mom's cross stiched "Home Sweet Home" Pillow and your brother's old sneakers.

And this one too...

Whuck? I got nothing.


Tropical Mum said...

That is terrible! I can't believe people donated those to goodwill with the photos still in them! At least if they took the photos out and placed them in the rubbish if they didn't want the photos, no one would be the wiser!

In our family, we refuse to let go of ANY photos whatsoever. If you sent us a photo thank you card of your baby or a photo Christmas card, we will probably still have it years later--even if we don't keep in touch with YOU anymore! It is beyond ridiculous!

I have a huge pile of photos that were junk, because they were off-centre or there is a tourist standing in the photo ruining the shot, but I have put them aside with the intention of cutting out the good parts of the photo and making a collage--hasn't happened yet, but you get the 'picture'. ;)

Thanks for sharing this.


Kristi said...

Sadly, I think my mom would not be able to throw out these people's photos either! It is not in her nature to throw anything out (think: Hoarders) and pictures are at the top of the list. I second the above comment about saving every photo from the baby announcement to the graduation invitation (picture not always included, but it is still saved) to the wedding invitation then the next round of baby announcements starts..... You get my drift. So, in defense of the people who donated to Goodwill with the picture still in the frames, I offer this: It is possible they barely made it out the door with the donated items before their hoarder came to reclaim the precious I say "Run, Forest, Run!!!" Love ya!

The girl with the flour in her hair said...

I've seen that before! My mom and I were at the Arc store laughing about it. There were so many! How hard is it to take your pictures out of the frames?? There were also a lot of trophies already inscribed with someone's name. Strange.

And what is with the 2x a year picture taking thing? I don't understand. They just want more money. And of course, I'll give it to them. Because I'm stupid.