Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Take me off your list... I DON'T KNOW YOU PEOPLE!!!

I have mentioned here and here my mundane, entertaining and sometimes disgusting conversations with my group of girlfriends. What started as a way to report "the news" to each other as we were scattered across the four corners of the universe, has now turned into a 6 month long email trail. A trail that at times leads to a fantastical and imaginary place where divas and bitches rule and the tweedle dees and tweedle dums that stumble across our path later turn into pawns in a giant game of "we own the world, you have a problem with that?" chess.

I have shared here the G and PG-13 versions of this fantastic game. But what I haven't shared is that some of these conversations will at times border on the line of shameless while it disects the line of creepy and then slowly converges onto the plane of just plain wicked.

Well yesterday, thank you very much, oh person that we do not know, with the freakingly similar email name, that you have been receiving these private notes from the five of us. And thank you for your perfectly crafted reply...

Take me off your mailing list... I DO NOT KNOW YOU PEOPLE!!!

Next stop, therapy.

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Lisa said...

Keep writing... when I'm stressed I go right to your blog for a laugh. You never disappoint.. thanks!