Thursday, February 25, 2010

Must have been some superpowers in my coffee creamer...

Or that was some good Boone's Farm last night...but this morning I woke up and hit the ground running like a hot buff Flash Gordon, straight into my flaming red and yellow supersuit with the super cut yellow high top sneakers ready to face the evil lurking in my house of fortitude. Before I knew it I had organized my entire 12 hour day in the first 45 minutes of the morning. I dressed and styled the natives, packed lunches, pulled a tooth, refereed some potential arguments before they hit UFC status, gave a lesson on cheating and how trading homework and doing your friends assignment is wrong (although you did equal work, it doesn't matter it is still cheating), and even thought about dinner by taking out some meat to thaw on the kitchen counter. Dropped off the kids at school and decided to take a extra lap in the parking lot while hanging out of my sunroof, singing Christina Aquilera, "I'm your super girl / Out to save the world and it keeps gettin' better ..."

Now I do realize that just by typing this and sending to the world I am inviting a whole lot of misfortune to come up on this house and reek major Mxyzptlk havoc on me. And the only way I will be able to get rid of the little rascal will be by saying his name backwards. But that's OK I can take it, I have Wonder Woman's invisible jet parked in the driveway with one way directions to Maui plugged in its invisible navigation system and the Wonder Twins as a back up plan sitting shot gun in pre-morph status debating on whether they should morph to an eagle and a bucket of water or ice rocket engine and an ant and fly me the hell out of here.

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Daffy said...

That's what I'm missing...the flaming red super suit! Do you know where I can get one? Hmmmm?