Thursday, March 4, 2010

Sure you take it...

So I pirated this award from the Bloggess. Hey she said I could like totally take it... Well, maybe she didn't really want me to take it, maybe it was one of those "situations". You know the one where you and your girlfriend are shopping and both of you gravitate to the same shiny beacon, a gorgeous silvery purse on sale and the only one of its kind. So you say, "you know what, you buy it, I already have a silver purse, you had a bad week, and you deserve it dude."

Meanwhile you are screaming inside because you have finally found the one accessory that will bring your entire wardrobe into fashionista alignment. This purse not only completes you but you are afraid if you don't take it home with you it will land on your list of regrets right in between the Frye Boots on clearance at Nordstroms that you could buy only if you sacrificed your groceries for three weeks and the cashmere pea coat that you couldn't justify while living in the south, only to received orders that next month for Omaha, NE.

Oh, and if you have never read than you are totally missing out.


tara said...

You DO deserve that. We all do. I'm snatching one of those badges too, though I'm quite fond of that "If you want to save your money, Don't come shopping with me," badge. Is that a badge? It's awesome.

Seriously Why Can't I? said...

You can sooo copy the shopping photo. I think it is more a photo than a badge. I have to figure out how to share it as a badge, will work on that now. Great, now I will spend my whole day playing instead of working. :) Glad to see you come by.