Thursday, December 17, 2009

Awards are the bestest Christmas gift...

About ten years ago I had my first "Betty Crocker" Christmas. That year not only did I receive a crockpot, but I also found under the tree a sewing machine, a book on how to use said sewing machine and a set of pots and pans. I was not a happy Betty crocker camper. How in the hell did I become a housewife? I went to bed a rockstar and woke up a mother carrying an extra 20 pounds of baby fat, awful brown roots where my blonde hair used to be and my mojo buried under three feet of snow in the backyard. A crockpot, seriously, and what's hiding in the coat closet, a homemade pasta maker? I was barely 29 and wasn't quite ready to trade in my leather mini-skirt for an apron just yet. Sure I did mention the "future" need for these gifts in sort of the same way you may "mention" quietly to your spouse that you monthly bill has come a couple of days early and you won't be able to hit the sheet that night, (all the while grinning inside because you know you are off the hook.) That is how I mentioned those items above, just in passing and mostly under my breath. So you can imagine my surprise when I tore open the great big box that was mocking me under the tree for weeks...maybe it was a TV, that pair of boots I had been coveting, or a fur coat...nope just a set of pots and freakin pans.

Ten years later, I still have my crockpot (which I adore) and my sewing machine (which I like, but it can't stand me) and as I look back today, that may have been the best Christmas yet. As time has progressed, and we become homemakers and moms, it seems our Christmas lists gets shorter and shorter. I now have both an apron and a leather mini-skirt, a large crockpot and a small one for cheese dip. I have been through four sets of pots and pans and the china that I had to have it still sitting in its original box. Other that searching, for ideas I have nothing else on my list.

So I was so happy to get the above award from Lindsey
What a nice present...I mean really nice. This so beats the three books I have purchased for myself, wrapped and placed under the tree, what, I need to open something on Christmas...

So if I have this correct (this is only my second award) I need to list five things about myself and pass this along to five more rockstars. So let's see.

1. I stayed up until 1am last night taking self portraits trying to mimic a picture I saw online.

2. I pray every night before bed for my children to live until they are 100 and continue to stay healthy and happy.

3. Not a day goes by that I don't think of my girlfriend K battling brain cancer.

4. I would like to finish the book that I started.

5. I think Christmas morning is one of the most magical mornings of the year with or without kids. Or maybe that is the Champagne talking.

Now to pass this are some of my new friends/ fellow rockstars. I appreciate their support and love to hear their comments when they stop by.


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The Waylaid Wordsmith said...

I got a Dyson vacuum for my birthday this year and was thrilled...then I had a horrible "Oh my God WHO AM I and how did I get here?!" moment. Happy to get cleaning equipment as a gift? Seriously.

(I freaking love that vacuum)

It's true that wishlists get ever shorter. Every time somebody asks me what i want for Christmas I think of a dozen things I want for the kids...then I realize they mean for me and draw a blank.

Life Laugh Latte said...

I love getting appliances...and yes I am old! I am so past the leather mini...but adore you for wearing it! Congrats on the award. I too find Christmas morning magical:) Holly

Lindsey said...

Your a rockstar and your blog is fantastic. I would be silly not to pass this award to you!
Happy Holidays :)

Jillian Livingston said...

Hello Tara,

I will never forget receiving a toaster from my husband for a birthday present. It was then and there that I informed him that he is not allowed to give me something as a gift that benefits him as well!

Thank you so much for my award, I am truly honored and very appreciative of my gift.

Have a wonderful holiday!

The girl with the flour in her hair said...

Oh, thank you so much! I'm a little behind reading blogs, I'm sorry I'm just now reading this!

I really appreciate it! :)