Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Out of the mouths of babes...

Cheese: "Mom does everything have a butt?"
Me: "I think so, (trying to dig down to my inner good parent core) well, I know there is a book called Everyone Poops, we'll just have to go to the library and check out that book to find out. (pat on the back)
Meanwhile the Big Cheese walks by and because he is the cheesiest he says..
"Well, honey everything has a butt hole, that's for sure."
(proud parenting moment--OVER)

While enjoying a beer and on a Tuesday night, (I just felt like it OK?)
Cheese walks over and says, "Mom you have to drink every time someone cries on Biggest Loser."

A Wal-Mart Story
So I wouldn't buy Cheese (my 6 year old) those peanut butter and jelly premade sandwiches, you know the ones in the frozen aisle, they also come in grilled cheese flavor. Last year I did pack her a lunch, but this year she eats at home with me. She even tried pulling the whole, but I don't like crust, whatever kid, I will cut that off and still save $3.59, plus mamma sees a Miley Cyrus shirt she wants to buy.
So as a result of that discussion she spent the rest of the shopping trip sobbing and dangling off the end of the shopping cart screaming at the top of her lungs, "You hate me, why do you hate me?"

While laying in bed on a lazy Sunday morning I say to Cheese: "Hey Cheese, you know what, we almost named you Belle."
Mac then says to Cheese, "Yeah, but you are not pretty enough to be called Belle."

Cheese: "Mom I wish you were like other mommies, and didn't have to work, but you still had money to buy me stuff."

Cheese: "Mom is Africa a city?"
Me: "No honey it is a continent?"
Cheese: "You mean like a vowel."
Me: "No that's a consonant."


Daffy said...

I can only imagine the things that will come out of my little gal's mouth. If her facial expressions are any indication its gonna need a blog of its own! Yikes :O) I can't imagine who she gets it from though...

The girl with the flour in her hair said...

Love these! Especially the last one!

I have a post like this in the works. Kids just say too many great things...I have to share. :)