Thursday, November 12, 2009

Channeling my inner creativeness...

I am so bored these days. Don't get me wrong I am not the sitting around eating Dibs Ice Cream Nuggets watching the history channel kind of bored. But more of the, have mundane tasks to do with my eyes clothes kind of bored. Without the odd challenge of folding a bed sheet to keep me entertained, life lately is plain vanilla ice cream, no cone, just a cup, and someone ate off the whimsical curly top.

Let's not mistake bored with nothing to do...because I have plenty TO DO. I would list them here in all their infamous glory, but if you think of YOUR laundry list and the things that YOU need to do then I am sure my list closely resembles yours. But I will see your list and raise it a stack of TIME Magazines that I haven't read. Kept in the bathroom to "kill the time", but obviously I haven't been eating enough fiber because I am still four weeks behind. Ha, get it b-e-h-i-nd. Oh, and there is also the photo collage that I wanted to make from our July 4th trip to Boston. I figure the statue of limitations runs out no later than July 3rd next year so I have some time there. And if I really want to dive deep there is the ever nagging wreath around my neck of Christmas cards to be photographed, ordered and addressed...

So what's a girl to do, assuming she has some "free time", or I mean time spent doing fun exciting and creative things not required, have to do, boring things? Any suggestions? (And don't tell me to go outside and run around the block, I don't wanna).

Crafts are always an option, as I am always looking for something new to create. For instance last week it was the ever trendy "bib necklace." Seventy two hours later I have three homemade bib necklaces (one purchased off of ebay) and absolutely no place to wear them. Well I guess I could wear to school to pick up the girls (since that is the only place I go) but I am not sure if it would be the best choice to accent to my flannel shirt, jeans and boots.

The week before last, I was on a quest to find a faux fur vest. After shopping online for what seemed like hours, I decided instead of buying one (a lofty investment for a trend that I knew would pass and I would be stuck with a $100 faux fox vest worn once), I would make a vest. With no pattern and 2 years of acrylic black fur, I set off for my task. I mean seriously how hard could it be, a rectangle with a hole right? Those of you who sew, you can now pick your jaw off the floor, you are right, it was horrendous. I looked like Barney Rubble, after sleeping in the yard because Betty kicked him out when she found him cheating on her with the waitress at the drive thru. I even tried it on for some dinner guests and had to pick them off the floor they were laughing so hard and after they left I had to clean the pee stains out of the carpet because they wet themselves too. So mission aborted...well almost. The following day I did find a Jordache faux fur jacket at the Salvation Army for pennies, well dollars, and I cut off the sleeves and will soon be rocking out my 80s glam faux fur Jordache vest. Maybe I will wear it with my new bib necklace, but first I need to be invited somewhere. In any case, JLo better watch her back.

I guess I could always revert to the old standby, and drink myself into creativeness. Because everything is more interesting after a couple of glasses of wine. In fact, I have come up with some of my best ideas under a beer soaked buzz. Don't believe me? Go into my basement, and you will find crates of ebay clothes lots, fabric, beads, furs, bottle caps, felts, cigar boxes and of course a horrendous black fur vest. Oh and you will probably find the first draft of a letter asking Cher if I could be the President of her Fan Club. Now that was a good the time. I think I came up with that one after downing a couple of bottles of wine at my favoriate wine bar...I mean seriously why can't I?

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Charisse and Holly said...

You can't put a price tag on making your guests laugh so hard they pee their pants!! Love that... I consider your faux fur vest a success in my book.
Charisse @