Tuesday, September 1, 2009

What were they thinking Wednesday...

So I am enjoying my late night cup of PG Tips reading the newspaper or my version of it...the Yahoo headlines. Yes I do get the Gazette and skim through it each day, but I find I get my "real news" or at least the most interesting news via Yahoo. So I come across this article. The latest "victim" of sudden wealth and loss is a young girl from the U.K. She won $3 million dollars several years ago, only to lose the vast majority of it shortly thereafter- she was just 16. Turns out she spent her cash on drugs, exotic cars and breast implants.

SO my first question would be- where were her parents? And a second I would ask...breast implants at sixteen? Why? Didn't she know that her boobs were still growing at 16, as a late bloomer myself, I think it was the summer of my sixteenth year that I went from a pointy B to a rounder yet still embarrassing pointy C.

The article later states that she spent "a staggering $730,000 on designer clothes alone." Boo yah!

First, the caregiver in me feels horrible that this poor girl had no one to guide her through he downward spending spiral, no one to advise her and reign in her spending, be it a mother or a guardian.

But on the other hand, "woo hoo" momma needs a pair of Manolos and a Birkin bag to match. I would love to be able to spend $730K on designed duds, that is the way to spend your cash. Forget the cars, I would rather drive my 1987 Toyota Tercel if it meant I could have more pairs of $300 jeans. And to her defense, how else is she going to fit in with all the other 16 year old lottery winners if she can't at least dress the part?

As of today she is down to $32K (again where are her parents?). She has taken a left on Remorseful Way (probably in her bright yellow Ferrari). And ever so sad she says "I honestly wish I'd never won the lottery money — and knowing what I know now I should have just given it all back to them".

Yeah right. What sixteen year old is going to win the lottery and then say "Ya know what, I'm good making $4.55 at my current crappy job serving double cheese burgers to senior citizens for a $1. You can take your $3 million back, I can see the heartache it will cause me in my future".

Sorry princess you are a day late dollar short, actually $2,968,000 short. I hope you enjoyed speeding in the fast lane before you got pulled over going 101 mph in a school zone. Hey I have an idea, maybe you should try again and buy one more lotto ticket, or 32,000 $1 tickets. Or better yet, use that $32,000 and sue your parents, they are really the ones to blame here.

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