Wednesday, August 19, 2009

High Tide!

So many of my girlfriends, like me, are going through some changes. As military wives, we drop albeit temporarily our ambitions, our friends and our family for a ride high above hanging onto the cape of our "Superhero". In fact, back at the Hall of Justice you may refer to us as the "Queens of Transition" and our kids the "Children of Adaptability" as we fight the unfamiliar and unknown one city at a time. As time passes we do reconnect with our friends, our family and even our ambitions. However, lucky for us not only to we reconnect but we replenish. We get to meet NEW people (aka kick ass girlfriends), we get to travel to some WONDERFUL places and although we don't realize it at the time, we become a part of a much bigger community. It's a great life I'll tell ya, but one that definitely comes with some small sacrifices.
That being said I found this really great quote out of Oprah's magazine (love her)-- it has been stuck to my dressor mirror for the past three weeks for me to reflect upon each morning, ahhhh. Well, OK, really it has been stuck in my mirror and has folded over on itself so I have been looking at the other side of the article each morning at what Queen Latifah has on her ipod "playlist" (if you are curious she likes Beyones, some Quintet that plays jazz and Common- who?). Any way here you go...

Every one of us is called upon, probably many times, to start a new life.
A frightening diagnosis, a marriage, a move, a loss of a job...
And onward full tilt we go, pitched and wrecked and absurdly resolute, driven in spite of everything to make good on a new shore.
To be hopeful, to embrace one possibility after another- that is surely the basic instinct...Crying out: High tide!
Time to move out into the glorious debris. Time to take THIS life for what it is.

- Barbara Kingsolver, from High Tide in Tucson


Anonymous said...

I really needed to hear that today-thanks!

Jessica said...

I love that your glass is always half full. Did you know that is one of the qualities that defines you?