Saturday, August 8, 2009

Funny, Delicious, Beautiful...

Every day you should have one funny, one delicious and one beautiful thing to share. So will try this again:

Funny- Yesterday Ava and I were making a collage. Actually it started when she threw herself on the floor of my office, and attempted to make a carpet angel. She was throwing a fit, exclaiming that I never play with her. Riddled with guilt
we cracked into the arts & craft bin and started cutting out some pictures from magazines to make our own "inspiration boards", another topic. She was gluing all of her favorite things onto her collage: a pic of a dog, some shoes, a tub of ice cream a piece of fruit, etc. And "look" she says, there is Ella's (the cat's) eye booger, I just glued it on my picture so if anyone asks if I have a pet I can show them the eye booger." Low an behold she has taken the cat's eye goop out of her eye and pasted it to her paper with her purple glue stick. Yuck!

Delicious- Backyard camp out, complete with fire pit. Can you say SMORE...first you take the graham, cover it with the chocolate and then place the 'mallow on top. Pure genius.

Beautiful- We landscaped our yard, it was horrendous and the whole way through I kept thinking of Carrie Bradshaw...I am not sure why, sure I watch TBS at night and catch an episode every now and again...but I kept thinking "if I lived in Manhattan I wouldn't have a yard to landscape". "Carrie would never be on her knees with her boobs falling out of her shirt digging holes in the ground". "The first landscaping truck that drives by, I will flag down and write them a check". BUT when we were finished my front yard looked beautiful. Because we did it with our own two hands. Carrie can have NYC, I take my house in the burbs.

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