Thursday, May 31, 2012

Erotic Connections...

(Picture Source: kellyvictoriakucher)

"Christian! Please!"

Those two words will go down in history as the erotic groan heard across the world in 2012. Well, more likely whispered in coffee shops over fat-free lattes and murmured in frozen food aisles among women wearing stilettos AND those wearing sensible shoes.

Who would have thought that America's bestselling "Erotic Fiction" 50 Shades of Grey would be able to bring so many different shades of women together. Young and old, classy and garish, kinky and prudish...we all definitely love our jean wearing, helicopter flying, messy hair Dom, Christian Grey.

Sure we realize our hunky CEO is a fictional character and he is right now playing a game of Texas Hold 'Em bare-chested with Edward Cullen, Mr. D'Arcy, Jaime Frazier (Outlander) and Noah Calhoun (The Notebook), laughing at us all. But that doesn't stop us, we keep reading and when we are finished with all three books after five days of ignored children, burnt dinners and pouting husbands, we try to push them onto someone else. But not before conducting a thorough Google search to see who is rumored to be cast in the movie; we want to see the eyes of the man that is going to swing the flogger. We have tasted the rain in Seattle for five wonderful days feeling naïve, embarrassed, aroused, and at times confused (thank you Wikipedia).

So kudos to you E.L James, not only for the burnt dinners...but for adding some spice in the bedrooms of America, for the increased awareness of the different uses of a necktie, the resurgence of Wikipedia and personally being able to have something in common with a woman who wears sensible shoes.

Monday, May 21, 2012

Do You See Happy?

How often do you stop, think and say out loud, "I am happy."

Just a random, life is great moment that sidles up quietly and tap, tap, taps you on the shoulder when you least expect it. It can happen in your car, standing at the ATM, or enjoying a cold corona and lime on your back porch. Always unexpected but truly appreciated, and all you want to do with that moment is tell someone about it without sounding like a pompous ass or like you have been drinking wine secretly in your diet coke can.

I seem to be having those moments more and more. (Disclaimer: Karma if you are reading, please move on, I am sure you have more important points to make).

Does appreciation for the small things come with age? Does it rear its head only when there is enough free time to receive it and recognize it? Or does it come with comfort? Good health? Money? Good friends?

Enquiring minds want to know...