Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Life as a Nomad

Well its here again...the time for our military family to pack up all of our worldly possessions, sell the remaining for one tenth of its original cost and join the band of military gypsies that travel from guest bedroom to sleeper sofa, hotel room to TLF, waiting to recreate a new existence in a new home, city or in our case a new country, Konbanwa.... OKINAWA, JAPAN.

So before we board our 24 hour flight tomorrow to Japan.. one that I imagine will be something like a Ringling Bros. Barnam and Bailey Brother's Circus railcar filled with and elephants and a dirty dwarf clowns. I thought I would recount how I have spent our last month of HOMELESSNESS?

20 Different bathrooms
19 Great friends spending time at a going away party
18 Calls to Mom
17 Fights with younger Nomads who spend copious amounts of time playing with the soap in the worse of those bathrooms
16 Different hotels- from Greenville to North Platte to Boston to Seattle
15 Happy Hours
14 Bottles of wine
13 Hours in hotel pools
12 Donuts
11 Hours of layovers
10 Hissy fits
9 Different microbrews tried and LOVED
8 lbs.Gained
7 lbs. Loss than gained again
6 Frustrating hours of waiting for wireless internet
5 Lbs of Fried Clam Strips
4 Hours fun in the sun with my buddies
3 Lines dances at the Copperhead Country Bar
2 Wineries
1 Stanley Cup Victory
0 An almost trip to Canada