Monday, March 15, 2010

St. Patrick’s Day, To Celebrate or Not to Celebrate, That is the Question

Since I cracked myself up with my own Haiku, not a good Haiku, but a freakin Haiku none the less. And while I am at it, can I get a shout out for Wikipedia? I must have been at Hardee's for an "extended lunch period" when they taught Haiku 101 at high school or maybe it was taught in junior high and I was in the nurses office with a forged note trying to get out of Phys Ed...AGAIN.

So today I thought whilst I was in the mood I would follow my Rhysling Award Haiku (thanks again Wiki) with a little dity I jotted down in the car pool lane about St. Paddy's Day. You know, maybe for sport I will go three for three and write a Limerick on Wednesday, oh man I wish my English teacher Mrs. Oesterreicher could see me now.

As I creep up on forty, I feel I have to ask,
are forty year old women still beating their flasks?
Are we still able to flock to the pubs the on seventeenth with good cheer?
And more importantly how old is too old to indulge in Green Beer?

So should I go to the pub filled with students for the St. Patrick’s Day party?
Or should I stay home and make my own Whiskey toddy?
For this week, these are the questions that run through my (forty is the new thirty) brain.
Not the dishes or the laundry or the clogged kitchen drain.

(Irish for Cheers or if I was partaking in the frothy green beverage, with my high school buddies college friends, I would most likely just say "Drink til I tell you to stop.")

...BTW I have to come clean, this started as a Limerick, but I gave up halfway through.

...OK, really at no time was it a Limerick, however, it would be the perfect time to write a Limerick with Green Beer this close to St. Paddy's day, right? But that didn't dawn on me until a few minutes ago when I started writing this post. OK will shoot for Wednesday.

...Well, you probably won't see a Limerick on Wednesday either. I hope to be brewing some green beer in the jacuzzi tub so I will be kind of busy. Plus I really don't feel like writing a Limerick, too much work. But if you want to come up with one, I will post it here for everyone to know you can, come on I dare you.

...I double dawg dare you.



Daffy said...

I love it...made me laugh out loud...and think....

Me thinks me is old....

lancemillerjd said...

There once was a blogger named Tara

Who wrote her lines with mascara

She did so with ease

Whilst copiong with Mac...and Cheese

Now, seriously, what could be fairer?