Friday, January 8, 2010

The project, because I can't get any more creative than that...

I started this post in my head about a hundred different ways. First as maybe a list of forty goals I want to accomplish this year, and since I turn forty next year I would call it forty b4 forty (not my original title) but nice huh?
And I was going to place those forty goals here for blogland to see, hoping that my listing them here would not only make me accountable, but I would encourage others to post their goals. Until I got to number six. 6. Be authentic... and I started to think, you know what exactly am I doing here?
So I looked up authentic- Synonyms: genuine, real, veritable; to share the sense of actuality and lack of falsehood or misrepresentation. Genuine refers to objects or persons having the characteristics or source claimed or implied.

So my authentic self, decided to take over...First goals are in most cases unmeasurable, and forty, what the hell am I thinking? Forty first of all is a stupid number (or that could be the fact that I resent moving closer to that number this year). And second, it seems a little overambitious don't you think? Especially in just one year. I may not be good with math but that is like 1 and 1/2 a week, and number #4 on my list was to have a hand in world peace, and I mean A) that is like totally unmeasurable and 2)it that really how I want to spend my time? And when I thought really hard about it, the only one who be that would really gain anything from my "goals" would be my overbearing "ego" who would just love to track me down on December 28th of this year and let me know with its nasally (Janice from Friends voice), "I told you so, I knew you couldn't accomplish that much in one year."

So scratch that horse shit. Forget goals, I am going to change my plan...instead I will start a list of small things that I would like to learn, finish or try this year. Focusing more on what I CAN accomplish than setting unrealistic goals that don't match my authentic self anyway. My list will be every changing and I will be able to add more as I see fit, because it is my list and we can say it together, SERIOUSLY WHY CAN'T I?

I have started this list on my about me page and will be a challenge to see how many items I CAN in fact cross off. And for the name of this great project... it is just, the project...because I can't get any more creative than that. Wanna play?

But before I go, I leave you with just one more book of inspiration maybe something that will help you to put together a is called be, complied by Kobi Yamada . Wait, what I meant to say is I leave you with one more damn book of inspiration, ahhh that feels better. Here you go. present, be first, be daring, be proactive, be constructive, be resourceful, be brilliant, be brave, be spontaneous, be resourceful, be yourself


Daffy said...

Oooh! I like that! I think I may have to print that little ditty and post it at work!

Best of luck...I love being able to cross things off my lists!

Kristi said...

I'm totally stealing this to put as my Fb status ok? Love ya! ~K