Friday, January 1, 2010

B-O-B-B-Y B-O-W-D-E-N....

As I look into my crystal ball I can certainly tell you that this will by my first and ONLY football related post ever (well unless Brett Farve leaves his wife and becomes my boy toy or Tom Brady has an affair on Giselle.)

So today it is with a sad heart that I sit here on my couch, tear(s) caught in the corner of my eyes, wearing my pjs (and not nursing a NYE hangover- darnit) watching my beloved Bobby Bowden, coach of the FSU Seminoles take the field for the very last time.

Growing up in Tallahassee, Florida and later attending FSU (during the good years, National Championship twice baby), then becoming a graduate and an Alumni, it is safe to say a piece of my garnet and gold heart will be walking away in the next 50 seconds through the stadium tunnel where the Football legends run wild.

Dadgummit Bobby Bowden I will miss you!!!

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Maryanne said...

it was a bittersweet day in Jax...the garnet and gold tears were flowing.