Thursday, October 8, 2009

Come As You Are...

Kurt Cobain once said "I sing and play the guitar and I am a walking, talking bacterial infection."

Whether you find him an 80s Renaissance man or the incensed product of a broken mobile home, or just plain dirty, he was revered for his words. Or at least that is what the small town of Aberdeen, Washington (Cobain's hometown) believes. And they have dedicated a park to Nirvana's front man to prove it.

Up to this point, while reading this article, I was totally on board. I mean why shouldn't Kurt Cobain have a grassy knoll, he practically pioneered the grunge movement. A movement that I, personally, never really bought into, I was far to self absorbed to stop caring about my personal appearance. I wasn't angst-ridden or really serious about anything in the 80s or 90s, unless it was nickel beer night at the local wing joint or a sale on aqua net.

But here is where the line gets a little blurred and the article sparked a tiny nerve. At the entrance of this park (for kids) there lies a plaque. And on this plaque right above Kurt's granite carved mug is the quote,

"...Drugs are bad for you. They will FUCK you up."

Whoa, hey wait just a minute for fuck's sake. I am all for a message, especially one that implies that drugs are bad for you. But the delivery here is all wrong. Kids don't read the park signs anyway, I mean they are always climbing "up" the slide, when safety signs clearly state not to. Instead, the Aberdeen Parks and Rec Department, could have saved their cash and instead pay a hobo in "hotdogs" to sit at the edge of the park and scream meaningful life lessons through a bullhorn. Off the top of my head, "hey little asshole, don't be a bully", or "drinking alcohol is for shitheads." I mean if we are going to get those kids attention while waiting in line for the swings, let's not carve it in granite. I say we take it one step further and get the mother of all parks involved. I can see it now...

"Welcome to Disney World, where your dreams come true. But only if you stay in school, don't be Fucking stupid."

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This is a great post! Cracked me up! :)