Wednesday, August 26, 2009

To give credit where credit is due...this post was inspired by a funny and fantastic letter I read from a fellow blogger Michelle to her husband. Without giving too much away it starts...Thank you for putting your dirty dishes on the counter above the dishwasher you romantic fool!

Here is my love note...

How do I love thee? Let me count the ways.

I love how thou leavest thy socks in the couch cushions each night as a little gift to nurture my senses.

I love how thou leavest water all over the bathroom counter and your towel in a ball for me to pickest up after you shave.

I love how your flip flops stay in the middle of the room for days at a time as a reminder of you, each time I trip over them.

I love how you start a load of laundry before you leave for work and commit me to spend my day finishing it, instead of the uneventful plans I had for that day.

I love how you allow me to be your soux chef when you cook but give me the independence to cook on my own.

I love how you empty your receipts on our dresser with your spare change, just so later I can actually put them away where in the jar above the dresser.

But I really do love and appreciate you for the other more important things that you do...

How thou bringest me the newspaper in the morning and lay thy next to my coffee maker.

How you take the time to call me just after leaving the house if only to say that you love me.

And I love you most for your tolerance and understanding.


Lisa said...

Hilarious and sweet all at the same time! Nicely written.

Michelle said...

Absolutely love it!! Thanks for the shout out! We need to write a book titled "Love Letters to Husband's Everywhere." Now back to the beans....