Tuesday, June 9, 2015

If you build a bigger closet...

Bitches, Stiches I'm Back...

I LOVE projects. It is the thrill of the hunt in tracking down a canvas and paints, tea towels and thread and fabric and buttons.  I have a closet of crafts just waiting to be crafted, a novel already outlined but only 20 pages written and a barrel full of wine corks for my...well I just like wine. I love the creativity and the initial idea of a new project but that is where the excitement ends and the clutter begins.  Note to self: need more corks.

I've attempted many times to come back to this blog.  A repost here, a small paragraph there. What I have lacked is overall commitment.  The commitment it takes to roll over like a walrus and consume that last slice of pizza on a Saturday night (hey the box won't fit in the frig).  Or chugging that last sip of wine at the wine tasting regardless of the smell or taste, COMMITTMENT.  So I'm giving it another shot.  Because if I don't write these stories down, they will get out of control with the embellishments.  And I really will turn into the 85 year old cat lady wandering around the pet food aisle on a Friday night telling stories to the cashier of mouth enemas and parades.

So I'm gonna get my feet wet by bringing up a post I wrote way back in 2011.  I read through it, bedazzled it a bit, but I thought it was again relevant as we swing into the Summer and the dreaded season of the "PCS". 

This weekend while putting the laundry away,  I couldn't believe it, I counted 1, 2, ...11,12... 27 pairs of jeans- jeans collected over the past 10-20 years!!

Does that make me a collector? An overachiever? A hoarder? I realized that it was time again to sift through the lot and send some of these pants-a-packing. Twenty years, 3 countries and 8 moves had caught up with me and my wardrobe.  So I did what any "overachiever" (like I how did that) did and I zipped and buttoned my way through the ridiculous jungle of denim. Some pairs slipped on easily, others I may have had to lightly "jump" into and others, just three words- deep knee bends. One thing in common, with each I recollected the good times I had while with them, and I pair after pair I thought to myself--can I really stand to let any of them go? 

First pair, designer jeans,  I paid a hefty price for these and waited patiently until it was the perfect time to make the purchase. Because of this, I now only bring them out for special occasions.  I take good care of these jeans: gentle cycle, wash cold, lay flat to dry.  While I treat them gently, because they are designer- they are the toughest of the bunch and always keep their shape- KEEP.  Next my comfy jeans, holes in the knees, perfectly worn-in. Regardless of how much weight I gain or lose, they are completely versatile and always fit perfectly- KEEP.  I uncovered a small stack of my daytime jeans...an army of different blues that are the most important to me while just living life.  They cover my ass from Monday to Winesday to Friday and back to Winesday again- KEEP.  In the very back of the closet were my dark denim work jeans, while I don't wear them as much as the others, I love they way they fit, just like the first day I bought them- KEEP.  And lastly my mom jeans- while not conservative in cut or shape, I find I keep going back to them over and over again, because they are so supportive and reliable- KEEP. 

Those remaining, well, herein lies my dilemma. They are all just taking up space in my closet. Does this 2ft high stack of trousers really stand a chance against the rest? The answer is YES.  Sure I may only wear the others  a couple of times during the year, but it is always nice to slide an old pair on and take them out for a spin.  Sending my jeans to Goodwill so that someone else can take pleasure in wearing them is just...out of the question. It took a long time to accumulate this denim, purchased from all over the world, their diversity should be appreciated by me and definitely not determined by the size of my closet. And if I move my shoes over I may be able to fit just a couple of more pairs in.  Or maybe I will just have to build a larger closet...Seriously, Why Can't I?

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