Wednesday, May 26, 2010

I blame it on Columbia...

The past nine months in my quest for the holy grail, otherwise known as friendship, I have had to (and sometimes painfully) endure PTA meetings, book clubs, "intimate" parties, Bunco, step classes, boot camp classes, socials and the like, because you know what...peeps were NOT knocking down my door. And that was fine because I knew if I worked hard and kept true to myself, I would find great bunch of gals, and a tribe to call my own. And in these past couple of months I think I finally found them. However I found much, much more.

Wedged in between the coffee meet ups and wine nights, I took a right when I should have veered left at the coconut palm in the middle of the road and I stumbled, no fell face first into ZUMBA and what a difference that has made, I will write more about Zumba in the near future.

But it is his shoulders where I place most of the blame for my absence from blogging.

I will be back...once my feet slow down.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010


Those who know me may be surprised to hear this...but some days the highlight of my day is picking up the kids from the elementary school in our carpool. I know, I know spending twenty minutes with six screaming kids in a 5x10 tin can, I mean minivan, can be overwhelming after a day of alone well cultured bliss. But after day of said peace every once in a while I can really use some kid-friendly belly giggles. I mostly enjoy that their little lives are so simple yet their stories about their school day can be so exciting. I mean seriously, besides the tough question these kids face each morning: pack a cold lunch or go for the ever popular (mystery) meat ball sub, life doesn't get any more elementary.

So today, Mac plops into the front seat of the super-van, the gaggle of kids follow slowly behind her. Once settled I see a blue folded note hanging out of her pocket. I gently grab it knowing full well this could get ugly and at any time she is going to rake it out of my hands, start crying and turn bright fuchsia from embarrassment. Did I successfully score the first "love note" of her elementary career? Hell, it is her fault she kept it in such a conspicuous place.

However she doesn't stop me and instead a cheesy grin washes over her face. I realize that I have stumbled head first into her trap. This so called love note was instead a website that you log on to adopt orangutans...yes ORANGUTANS. So we spoke in great deal the remainder of the drive, how not only can you adopt orangutans, but you can also adopt blue whales, gorilla and even a star if you want.

Maybe it is the car that holds the magical key when it comes to a good conversation. For starters there is nothing like having a captured audience myself included. At least in the car I actually listen to what others are saying. Unlike my normal life when I am trying to do ten things at once. Be it a gaggle of kids or our modest family of four car conversations are just that "conversations".

Come to think of it,some of our most meaty conversations have been in the car. We have addressed religion, our beliefs or disbelief (based on who you ask)in ghosts & UFOs, racism and even life choices. Admittedly, I have even considered having the birds and bees talk with Mac from the front seat of my mini-van. Just look at the pros: automatic door locks (no escape), limited eye contact (most of the conversation can be via the rear view mirror), and for learning aids I can utilize the side mirror being sure to explain that images in mirror are actually "larger than appear to be". Plus I can actually use my lap for my written notes and no one will be the wiser. As for cons: I really don't see any.

I mean Seriously, Why Can't I?

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

No really...

On the heels of my last post...which I know was completely out there, here was my real week...

Thursday- checked into the Gaylord Opryland Hotel, enjoyed a mojito while reading a book on the "rotating lounge" although at the time I did not notice it was rotating. Not sure how one does not notice they are stepping on to a "rotating bar", maybe it was the excitement of being childless for the weekend. All I know is one minute I was looking over the lobby, the next minute staring at a waterfall. However, fast forward to today, and that bar is 10 feet under water due to the floods in Nashville.

Thursday night- Enjoyed a wonderful steak dinner "ON" the Opryland Stage a few feet away from where Johnny Cash and Patsy Cline were discovered.

Friday- Pulled up in a cab to the Hutton Hotel to see the comedian Sinbad leaving the hotel and getting into his Hummer.

Saturday- Forced to spend the majority of the day in Wild Horse Saloon, due to tornado sirens and warnings.

Saturday night- Last minute took advantage of FREE tickets to Jimmy Buffet, show started at 8pm, I was asked to go at 7:20pm.

Sunday- Evacuated from Nashville due to the floods.

Tuesday- Invited to dinner at a Four Star General's House

Now which story is easier to believe?

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

I have an excuse...

You would not believe the couple of weeks I have had...

It all began last Tuesday when I went on a run and was forced to take a detour through our neighborhood park and off the safety of the sidewalk. It was dusk, I became disoriented, and as a result I stumbled over a stump and fell head first into a fox hole.

Three days later, I woke up to a naked mole rat standing on my chest with a terrible overbite, dressed in a tuxedo. After force feeding me Kobe steak and red wine he led me by his minuscule hand or maybe it was a paw, to meet the soulful and smooth talking wizard who looked a lot like Samuel L. Jackson wearing a Kangol top hat. Sam informed me that I was the champion, aka "chick in the hot pink velour sweats", and the land of Odd had been awaiting my arrival. I was scheduled to fight the Jabawockawitch in a fortnight using just my bare hands and a spatula.

So of course, I have a good excuse for ignoring my blog these past couple of weeks. Hey, I was in training.

P.S. And if you are wondering I kicked the Jabawockawitch's ass, brought home her head, cooked it in a crock pot on low and served it over some egg noodles with a side of steamed broccoli.

P.P.S No I haven't lost my mind, but isn't a blog fun?

I mean Seriously, Why Can't I?